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LSN distance learning courseware @  http://www.learningstyles.net/DL , this website provides a variety of distance learning opportunities. Courses listed on this site make it possible for you to learn about "Learning Styles" anytime and anyplace. These courses can be used to meet degree requirements of St. John's University at your home institution. Take online courses to upgrade your Learning-Styles knowledge and skills, to explore an area of personal growth, to reach that long-time goal of completing your college degree or to keep any student you know to exceed better in school.
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Center for the Study of Learning and Teaching Styles at St. John's University

The Learning-Styles Network fosters life-long academic, intellectual, and personal success through the promotion and dissemination of research, information, publications and other resources focusing on learning, teaching, and productivity styles.

The Learning-Styles Network was formed in 1979 through an agreement between St. John's University (NY) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). By 1987, interest in learning style and Network membership had become so widespread that the Board of Directors voted to establish affiliated Centers. Today, these Centers exist throughout the United States and abroad.

We hope you will join in our efforts to use learning styles to improve education.

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